Our Unschooling Adventure - which officially started in Lowell in the Fall of 2005 - now continues in Berlin.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I SPY Fantasy

Last week I got the I SPY Fantasy computer-game (published by Scholastic, Inc.) for Supriya from the library. Today she spent about 2 hours on it and she is almost done with it. She has played another I SPY computer-game before (I SPY Haunted House), so the format of the game is familiar to her. She is very good at finding out all the cleverly hidden clues and figures, but she needed a little help from me today. I SPY Fantasy is rated Ages 6 to 10, which looks about right, as it was stretching Supriya's abilities a bit. These are very well-designed and thought out games. Highly recommended.


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