Our Unschooling Adventure - which officially started in Lowell in the Fall of 2005 - now continues in Berlin.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"Is that a Power-shovel or a Bulldozer?"

That was the profound question Supriya and Manisha were debating yesterday morning. The house across the street from us had a fire last winter, and finally they were tearing it down. The giant truck sat in their yard over the weekend creating delicious anticipation for the destruction to come.

Manisha was sure it was a power-shovel, I thought it was a bulldozer. They ended up bringing out the "Road Builders" book (written by B.G. Hennessy and published by Scholastic). It used to be a great favorite of Supriya; it is time to read it to Aseem now. Turns out Manisha was right.

The power-shovel got to work early Monday morning at 7 am (!). Aseem and Supriya were entralled by the power and the ease with which it tore the building down. We were a little late for Harmony Hill because we had to stop and watch the truck in action. By the time we came back, the building was half gone, and by the evening the demolition was complete. It would take them a couple more days and about 6 loads of the giant dump-truck to clear out the debris. We will be watching for what comes next. This is like a documentary unfolding right before our eyes.


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