Our Unschooling Adventure - which officially started in Lowell in the Fall of 2005 - now continues in Berlin.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Geography with the Globe

We bought a globe a few weeks ago and Supriya has become quite familiar with it on her own with help mostly from Manisha. She can locate the US, Boston, Texas, California, Canada, Hawaii, India and Africa.

The other night we were playing with the globe and she said, "I know how day and night happen." So we turned out the room light, and the foyer light clearly showed the demarcation between day and night on the globe. I could tell she really understood the concept. Later Manisha told me that this had come up in the context of making a phone-call to India. Manisha said she needed to make sure the people she was calling were awake, and then explained the day & night cycle. Supriya immediately got it! There is nothing like real-life connection when it comes to learning.


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