Our Unschooling Adventure - which officially started in Lowell in the Fall of 2005 - now continues in Berlin.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Not-Back-to-School Picnic

We were at the Not-Back-to-School picnic held by the Merrimack Valley HomeLearners today at Great Brook Farm State Park. I have not seen so many people (I overheard somebody say over 150!) at these picnics in the years past. Supriya and Aseem spent the whole time playing with friends, old and new. Supriya played various games with older boys again. Aseem ran around with his friends Noah, Ray and others.

Two recurring themes with Supriya: She spent a lot of time making "cement" with many of her friends, which involved mixing dirt with water brought up from the pond. Reminded me of the Waterfall Theme Park. By the time she was done she was all covered with mud.

Then there was the icecream served by MVHL, and the kids were in line first. I was sitting at a bench talking with a couple of new friends when Supriya came up to me and said, "I think you should go and get some icecream for Aseem." She is a born manager and always ends up delegating tasks. Today it was my turn I guess.

We were at another playground a few weeks ago and the kids were sending trucks down a spiral slide and watching them crash. Supriya played traffic-cop the whole time, managing the flow of the trucks and making sure no one was in the way of trucks.

This has happened enough times that I know it's one of her character-strengths. She has all the marks of a budding businessperson.


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