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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Anxiety about "Learning"

Last week I had several problems with Supriya. She was not able to tell time. She had a budget of $1 for candy at the grocery store and did not know that 99 cents would fit in that budget. I was getting a little anxious about her lack of progress on these issues. All I want her to know at this age is what is necessary and useful in daily life - namely, telling time, making sense of the calendar and basic concepts of money.

So I consulted three MVHL moms who have teenagers. They were unanimous - there is no problem. These concepts take quite a while to take firm root in the kids' minds, and the kids have to be developmentally ready. I know that Supriya is very bright and that she has no problems with basic arithmetic. We have played with math before and there are no issues there. All three moms reassured me that she will learn everything she needs when the time comes. I am glad we talked about this. I guess even I, a die-hard unschooler, will have occasional anxiety about the kids not "learning". Now I know what to do about it!


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