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Monday, May 01, 2006

Which Grade is Supriya in?

As we were driving back from Harmony Hill, Supriya asked me, "Am I in the second grade?" I said, "No, you are in the first grade. You will be in the second grade in September." Then I expanded, "But I don't believe in grades. You are singing at about 4th grade level, and you are reading at first grade level. Grades don't mean much." I don't know if she understood what I was talking about.

That conversation led me to this interesting thought. Grades are often used as proxies for age, but they can also be indicators for proficiency or level of accomplishment. And then for each of the thousands (millions?) of human activities, one could earn a grade. For example, Supriya's would be: Singing - 4, Reading - 1, Math - 1, Gymnastics - 3, Swimming - 1, Roller-skating - 3, Drumming - 3, People Management skills - 4, Clowning - 3, Music History - 4, Acrobatics - 4 etc. So which grade is she really in?...


Blogger JAG said...

I'm enjoying your blog. I am an unschooling mom of 2 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (My last home on the mainland though was Lowell, MA so just that made me homesick but I digress.)

I just wanted to share something about "grades" with you. People do indeed ask my children all the time what grade they are in to get an idea of how old they are. Recently though at a get-together the funniest exchange happened between my son and a little girl. They were speaking English.

Girl: What grade are you in?
My son: Huh?
Girl: What grade are you in?
My son: (puzzled) What?
Girl: (loudly and deliberately so he'd understand) WHAT-GRADE-ARE-YOU-IN?!
My Son: (just as loudly and deliberately so SHE would understand) I-DON'T-SPEAK-SPANISH!!

The entire concept was just foreign to him. I told him later that really it's that he doesn't speak "school-ese". :) Both of my kids now answer with their age when people ask for their grade since that's what the people are really asking. :)

Be well and enjoy your adventures in unschooling.

11:19 PM

Blogger Manoj Padki said...

That's just too hilarious! Thanks for posting the comment. How's PR? I've been hearing about some civil unrest? Hope you are safe and well.

10:54 PM


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