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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Aseem Turns 5

Aseem turns 5 tomorrow and he has grown a lot over the last couple of months. In July Manisha and Diane were heading down to Rockport, MA for a playdate on the rocky beach. Manisha told Diane that Aseem was not recognizing letters yet. We were not concerned about that because he could recognize numbers. We knew he would do it on his own timetable (like everything else he does!). We were not prepared for how quickly he learned when he did. Some time in late August he started identifying A and then M. Once the ball got rolling it probably became easier and easier. By the end of September he could read and write all letters. He also wrote all our names and our friends' names. He is very tenacious and he has been focusing a lot of his attention on reading and writing letters. Of late he has been playing Starfall (which he calls the "singing letters"). It's just wonderful to watch his abilities grow.

He has been singing a lot as well. He sings along with the Wee Sing America CD, as well as songs from the musicals we watch. And he is right in tune. Just today we sang songs from the America CD with me on the piano. He loves singing the America round, "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy" and "Anchors Aweigh". He does not have a big range and does not yet have a good handle on how to use his head-voice. But he sings with gusto and we will take that most gladly.

Aseem has also made big strides in swimming. We joined the Radisson fitness club in January. Supriya started going into the water right away, but it took Aseem many months before he felt comfortable enough to go in. For a few weeks it was just sitting on the steps with his feet in the water. Then another few weeks to go in, holding on to the sides of the pool. And of course he was wearing his padded Superman wetsuit that made him look twice his weight. Then about a month ago came the breakthrough. He went in, let go of the sides and went all the way in. Once he had full trust in the ability of the wetsuit to keep him afloat, he was all over the place. He went across the deep end and checked out the pool thermometer. Then he and Supriya played games in the water. I was thrilled to watch the breakthrough. He was El Magnifico (the indomitable mouse in one of Tom and Jerry cartoons)!


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I find it so interesting reading about your children's evolution and development - what a great record/diary it will be for them to look back on one day!


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