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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Making Chapaatis

I came back from a short trip to India last week and am all inspired to make chapaatis. Yesterday we had our first experiment which went better than expected. Making the dough was easier than I thought. The real skill is in rolling out the dough flat, uniform and round. We all took turns rolling the chapaatis, Aseem being the most eager to try out the process. They did not all poof up as they are supposed to, but they did make at least feeble attempts at it. And of course we had several of them looking like the map of India (take a look at the map of India and you will understand why that analogy is so often used in India).

My sister-in-law told me that the real secret to making chapaatis is to make them every day. The point is well-taken. We made them again today and they are already coming out better. Supriya made one that poofed up very nicely, round as a ball, which excited her no end. One of mine turned out very well. The rest were OK. We plan to make them regularly and they can only get better...


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