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Friday, September 26, 2008

New Words to the English Language

Great words my kids make up. Aseem just talked about a "bigiature" gun he made up from Duplos to go with the "miniature" made from Legos - and it was a perfect replica, same types of bricks in the same colors. Very cool.

A couple of weeks ago as we were loading stuff into our storage unit, Supriya walked me through the rest of the building, pointing out all the "untooken" units! "Tooken" has always been a trademark Supriya word. And it's perfectly logical, as in take - took - tooken. But "untooken" just blew me away. Sounds very Middle English and flows better than does "taken".


Blogger Narendra Damle said...

Reading this I feel like I still have some childlike ingenuity in my heart. In my marathi writings I too have been making my own words like 'chhanda-chaakoree', 'Nishaadheesha' for moon, 'mokalale' for got free etc.

Renouned marathi poets have gifted the language with some fascinating words like ' abda abda', Keshavsoot's 'zapoorza' and 'di-da-da' etc.

There is corollary to my childlike heart: children are natural poets!

8:04 AM


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