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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Endless Summer"

is the title of an article by Sarah Karnasiewicz on Salon.com (Oct. 3, 2005). The blurb is: "Unschooling is a radical branch of home-schooling where kids control what and when they learn -- free of teachers, schedules and tests. Unschoolers say it's intellectually empowering. Critics call it irresponsible."

The tone of the article is positive. As the homeschooling movement grows, the coverage in the media is becoming more nuanced, differentiating among various styles & philosophies instead of painting us all with one broad brush. It's all for the good as I see it.


Blogger DannyHSDad said...

Actually, if you read the later half carefully, it paints a rather unflattering views on unschooling.

Which made me post my comments at my blog:


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