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Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Homeschooling's True Colors"

is the title of an article in Mothering magazine (July-August, 2005 issue) written by Rachel Gathercole. It is subtitled "Investigating the myths and the facts about America's fastest-growing educational movement." A very good article with links to a lot of actual studies (as opposed to anecdotes, myths and theories that tend to dominate most homeschooling-related article as well as discussions), which says, among other things, that homeschoolers tend to be better socialized, are happier, earn better grades and are sought after by college admissions officers. A study cited also "...found that there is "no significant difference" in homeschoolers' achievement according to whether or not a parent is certified to teach." Hey, that confirms all my suspicions!

A great myth-busting article overall. I recommend it heartily to anyone who is interested in knowing more about homeschooling.


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