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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Learning about Money

Manisha and I are having issues about the way Supriya gets the gimmies every time we visit any store. We have been giving her an allowance (a quarter for each year so now she gets 6 quarters per week), but we have not been keeping track of how much money gets spent and by whom. It's mainly our problem.

The other complicating factor is "The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies," a book both kids enjoy. Brother and Sister keep getting the "galloping greedy gimmies" every time they go to any store, and Grizzly Gramps suggests the solution: each bear gets to decide on a treat (a sweet, a toy or a book) ahead of time and that's it for that day. We like the way the story goes and the solution sort of works for us. But now Supriya has come to believe that she has to get one thing out of every visit to any store -- whether she wants or likes anything at that store or not! That's becoming a problem.

So now we have to rethink out whole strategy about this, and more importantly, stick to it. I guess it's we who are learning about how to teach our kids about money. Well, that's homeschooling for you!


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