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Saturday, November 18, 2006

More on Supriya's Sudoku

We were at Pheasant Lane Mall on Thursday and made our mandatory pass through KB Toys. We did not buy anything, but as I was passing the counter I saw some sudoku books there. I looked through one and it looked just right for Supriya. It was called "Super Sudoku for Kids" and it had a variety of sudoku. There were many easy 4 by 4s (numbers, shapes and letters), then 6 by 6s (numbers and letters) and finally the standard 9 by 9s. Best of all, it cost only $1.99. I had to buy one.

We must have come home by 4:30 or so. For the rest of the evening Supriya was glued to the book. She completed 48 4 by 4s that evening! She was on a roll and just kept going, taking the book to bed even. By now she has completed - or "played" as she calls it - all 80 4 by 4s.

The next day Manisha showed her how to do a 6 by 6. There is a significant jump in challenge going from 4s to 6s. There are more place-holders to keep track of and it calls for a much longer attention-span. It took Supriya quite a while to do one on her own, but she did it! There was only 1 mistake where she had flipped a 3 andn a 6, but the rest was fine.

Next I wanted to sit next to her and watch her mind work as she did one. I wanted to see how she tackled the logic. Well, the logic part is no trouble at all and she is handling that very well. What was difficult for her (from my perspective) was deciding which row/column/rectangle to do in which order. That's the strategy part and of course that is advanced stuff. In the meantime we are enjoying watching her grow and her mind sharpen.


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