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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Aseem and Phonics

Today Aseem made a breakthrough in understanding phonics. I asked him, "What letter does tofu start with? Tuh-tuh-tofu..." He repeated, "Tuh-tuh-tofu. T!!!" Then it was D for diaper and B for burgers.

He has been playing with Starfall.com off and on and was evidently absorbing the idea of phonics. Supriya has become an avid reader in the last couple of months, and Aseem really
wants to read as well. We (mainly Manisha) have been reading lots of books to him. He has also been buying books with his allowance. We encourage this practice by matching their money dollar-for-dollar for books to foster their feeling of ownership. It's all beginning to gel now.

Knowing what we know about Aseem, it's all going to simmer in his mind for a long time and one day we will find him reading.


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